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We understand that the assessment of credibility requires more than being able to place a polygraph instrument into use.  As new technology and research findings become available our examiners are briefed in depth regarding the impact this information will have on the many procedures we use day-to-day.  Our flexibility and willingness to accept, more embrace,  innovation allows all of our examiners to enhance and update their skills continuously so that our clients can receive the maximum benefit of a truly professional polygraph experience.

  • In addition to examinations for private clients, our examiners have performed thousands of examinations for Federal, State, and Local agencies in the United States and comparable agencies in other countries.
  • We conduct examinations to help resolve any type of Criminal or Civil issue
  • Chinese language Examinations - Our staff includes the only naturally speaking Chinese Examiner in the United States (former member of the Ministry of Public Security - Science and Technology Bureau, PR China).
  • Russian language Examinations - Our staff includes the only naturally speaking Russian Polygraph Examiner in the United States.
  • CVSA - Voice Stress Analysis - Our Chief Examiner, Dr. Palmatier, has conducted both field and labratory studies for the Michigan State Police with the CVSA, and with other voice stress devices here and in Israel.  There is "NO SCIENTIFIC VALIDITY".  If these devices worked we would use them; they do not work and have no value if your goal is to know whether someone is telling the truth or not.  Please call for more information or expert testimony.

        John J. Palmatier, Ph.D. 

    Our Chief examiner's credentials include:

    • 30 years of experience as a forensic and research polygraph examiner
    • 16 years as a Forensic Polygraph Examiner for the Michigan State Police
    • Ph.D. Michigan State University (Psychology and Criminal Justice)
    • Extensive Law Enforcement (27 years) and Military experience (26 years; 5 active duty; 21 National Guard)
    • Certified Civil Rights Investigator for the National Guard Bureau
    • Extensive National and International experience, including more than two years as a researcher and examiner in the People's Republic of China
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